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Happy Navratri 2017



Navratri will begin from September 21 to September 29. Celebrating the nine forms of goddess Durga, devotees will chant hymns and prayers to please the goddess Shakti. Durga is regarded as an epitome of power who defeated all evil forces on earth.



During Navratri which literally means nine nights, Durga is worshipped in every house, pandals are installed, cities are decorated with lights and feast is served. In many parts of India, Ram Leela is also enacted to portray the victory of good over evil.




In West Bengali, Durga Puja is the main festival in Navaratri. The five-day long major festival of Bengalis is celebrated remembering the epic victory of Maa Durga over King of Demons, Mahishasura.On sixth day of Navaratri, idols are unveiled and prasad is served among devotees. On Maha Navami, little girls are worshipped as nine avatars of goddess Durga and served food. Girls dressed in their best rejoice as they get many gifts.




Sharad Navratri is also famous for celebrating Lord Rama’s victory over demon king, Ravana on Dussehra also called Vijayadashami. Navratri is famously celebrated as the festival of victory of good over evil in the northern, southern and western states.








Navratri will begin from September 21 and continue till September 29. The first day begins with Ghatasthapna whose muhurta is between 6.13 am to 8.10 am. A pan like utensil made of clay is needed in which three layers of mud is placed. Then Sapta Dhanya (seven grains) /Navadhanya (nine grains) seeds is sprinkled along with water. Now take a kalash and fill it with clean water or Ganga jal and put currency coins, akshat, supari, Durva grass in it. Put five leaves of the mango tree around the neck of kalash and then place a coconut. Put kukum and haldi on kalash. You can also cover it with red cloth and then place it in the mid of pan.


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