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Happy Diwali 2017

Diwali is the most significant religious festival among Hindus. Diwali, which is also known as Deepavali, is also known as the festival of lights. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good o

Happy Navratri 2017

NAVRATRI CELEBRATION   Navratri will begin from September 21 to September 29. Celebrating the nine forms of goddess Durga, devotees will chant hymns and prayers to please the goddess Shakti. Durga is regarded as an epitome

Eid-Ul-Zuha 2017

Eid al-Adha 2017 is also called Bakr-Id and Eid ul-Adha or Eid ul-Zuha, this festival is marked by a meat feast. It's that time of the year again. Muslims all over the world are getting ready for the revered festival of Eid al-Adha.  

Indian Independence Day 2017

When: 15 August 2017 Where: India   On August 15, 1947, India won its Independence from the British rule, and that Independence is celebrated every year, although in a much more subdued form than on Rep

Individual/Luxury Holidays

We offer a range of carefully selected luxury tours to some of the Indian subcontinent’s most exotic and deluxe destinations

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Weddings, meetings, & incentives

These are tourism types in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose

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Why Connexons

We are eager to serve, and are worthy of your business. Here’s why

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Let’s connect and do business. We are waiting for your call

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